About Us

Since 1971, we have strived to be the best daycare in our area.

  • Education
  • Self Help Skills
  • A Safe, Nurturing Environment

Our centre uses a play-based approach to education. Our principles align with four foundational conditions that enable children to flourish: Belonging, Well-Being, Engagement and Expression. Children are competent, capable, curious and rich in potential!

Parents Loves Us

Why Choose Us

  • Qualified Staff
  • Age Appropriate Curriculum
  • Good Results


Kiddies Kollege staff is made up of Registered Early Childhood Educators and teaching assistants. They teach life skills to enable children to confidently meet the social, emotional and spiritual challenges that lie ahead.

    • Supporting the Child’s Personality
    • Confidently Teach Life Skills
    • R.E.C.E.s and Teaching Assistants


As part of the Brampton Christian School system, we strive to prepare children for their future academic achievements within a setting of love and concern. The children are guided through activities and routines which are designed to foster growth in cognitive, physical, social, emotional and spiritual developmental areas.

    • Foster Growth in Cognitive, Physical, Social, Emotional and Spiritual Developmental Areas
    • Surrounded by Acceptance and Encouragement
    • A Setting of Love and Concern


We offer artistic activities as an outlet for the pleasure and excitement of self expression and discovery. We provide a programmed daily curriculum to reinforce foundational academic skills. These activities assist in preparing the children for the structured formal environment they will encounter in primary school.

    • Daily Curriculum to Reinforce Academic Skills
    • Prepare Children for Full Day Kindergarten and beyond.

What Our Parents Are

My husband and I cannot say enough about Kiddies Kollege and the blessing it has been and continues to be to our family. All three of our daughters have attended Kiddies Kollege from the age of 1, right up until they started JK. There is such great comfort in knowing we have entrusted our children into the care of a staff that truly loves our girls. It is more than just daycare. Kiddies Kollege provides a safe, positive environment for our children to grow and develop physically, socially, academically and spiritually. Kiddies Kollege is making an eternal investment in the lives of our children and for that we are forever grateful.

Andreanna G.
Mother of 3

My son is in this daycare and he loves it. The staff is very friendly and always provide him with nutritious meals. Plus I love that it is a Bible believing daycare.

Paul R.
Father of 1

We have been so blessed to have Kiddies Kollege care for each of our four children. Teachers love our children and care for them genuinely. They are truly happy to see our children each day. As parents, we have complete trust in Kiddies Kollege and joy knowing our children and cared for, learning, and developing in a loving Christian environment! We have, and will continue to recommend KRT to parents.

Melanie H.
Mother of 4